• Hi there and nice to e-meet you. :) 

    I’m a science writer and current SCBWI Co-RA living in Israel, where I’m blessed to count jackals, wild pigs, and porcupines as some of my neighbors!

    Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Israel, I served as a fitness trainer in the Israeli army. I later completed a double major in Biology and English Literature at the University of Pennsylvania and a graduate degree in Science Education at Hebrew University, both with honors.

    Over a decade later, I’ve worked at the Weizmann Institute of Science press office and as a freelancer for varied publications, including the Hebrew version of National Geographic. Some of my favorite projects have been covering the race by now Nobel laureate Prof. Ada Yonath to understand how the cell’s ribosome churns out proteins and specific conservation battles, including recent involvement with a nationwide citizen action group aiming to transition Israel to renewable energies.

    I became interested in writing for children along the way, while raising three kids and two dogs. After many years abroad, I’ve recently moved back to Israel and am now honored and super excited to be joining SCBWI-Israel’s team as Co-RA.

    Find me at: http://www.nasw.org/users/annaborenstein